Artist's C.V.

Pamela Adams-Somerville

Exhibition History

The first solo show was in 1981 at Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery in Scarborough, Ontario, followed in 1983 by a solo exhibition of works painted on unbleached cotton, padded and stitched.

The inspiration for these works came after a visit to the North West Territories and viewing this wide and beautiful landscape of the tundra, and ice break-up of the Mackenzie River and the overall view of a sculptured landscape. The concrete walls of the St. Lawrence Centre were the perfect setting.

More Solo shows followed:

  • Valhalla Gallery - Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Washington Gallery - Scarborough, Ontario
  • K. Bros Gallery - North Bay, Ontario
  • Cedar Ridge Scarborough for a second and third show
  • Link Gallery - Toronto, Ontario
  • One Year Exhibition at the Concordia Centre - North Bay, Ontario
  • North Himsworth Gallery - Callander, Ontario
  • WKP Kennedy Gallery - for 3 shows - North Bay, Ontario

There were many Group Shows and 2-person shows around Ontario and sharing gallery space with many friends was a great delight, especially the Parliament Art Exhibit.

Over the years I've participated in designing and painting scenery for eight productions for Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre in North Bay and was happy to be part of the Carousel Project painting four horses and the Hippocampus, the "Good Luck" symbol, half fish, half horse on the second animal Carousel.


Presented for Contribution to the Arts in Scarborough, Ontario

Promotion of the Arts

  • T.V. Program for M.C.T.V. - Sudbury, Ontario
  • T.V. Program for - Etobicoke, Ontario
  • T.V. Program for Arts - Scarborough, Ontario


  • Ontario Northland Railway - North Bay, Ontario
  • Brothers Gold Corporation - Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Concordia Centre - North Bay, Ontario
  • Cedar Ridge Gallery - Scarborough, Ontario
  • Howes & Head - Toronto, Ontario
  • R.S.G.M. Engineering - Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Works in Private Collections in Canada, USA, England & Germany


  • Terry McKerrow Cat Scan Fund - North Bay Regional Hospital
  • Fund Raisers for the North Bay Symphony
  • Art Works Auctioned for support of W.K.P Kennedy Gallery - North Bay